Pruning My Past to Grow in the Moment – Three Moons

I regret the amount of time I wasted in my life being angry. I regret the time I spent looking backwards into the past. Every moment that is spent focusing on negative energy reduces your clarity and delays you from arriving at your divine purpose. I have never regretted stopping to marvel at the beauty of day. I have never regretted taking a moment to simply sit in the sun. There’s never been a smile I wish I hadn’t displayed or a chuckle that I would recall.

Life is precious. Sometimes, when I am feeling down, I reflect back to my lowest moments. In comparison, I usually realize that it is never as bad as it could be. My happiness is something that I control. And while I am not always happy with what’s happening around me, there is never a time where I can’t control myself. I am learning each year, to better control my own state of mind. One thing that works for me is to live in the moment. Now I know, this sounds awfully cliché, but it works.

When I first heard the term ‘live in the moment’ I had no clue what it meant. I AM in the moment and I am ALIVE, right? What I have come to understand is that living in the moment can be synonymous with gratitude. I learned to live in the moment by taking an inventory of every detail that I can be grateful for. For example, right now, I have an entire list of things that are stressful, seem to be unconquerable and time seems to constantly slip away. But in this moment, I choose to be happy anyway. I am grateful that in this moment, I am sitting here, writing. I am doing something that I absolutely love and that brings me an immense amount of pleasure and joy. In this moment, I am neither hot nor cold. The temperature is perfect. I am feeling no physical pain. I am not hungry or thirsty. My family is safe and sound. I am safe. All of these things are contributing to my overwhelming sense of well-being and in this moment, I am appreciating each sensation fully.

Source: Pruning My Past to Grow in the Moment – Three Moons

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