Hamilton Soundtrack Brings The Hit Musical Right To Your Headphones

I just spent the late end of last night and the early part of this morning listening to the Hamilton sound track and I am absolutely blown away. While the music is not technically “rap” it is musical theatre sung in mostly rap and R&B style. The musical nods to Biggie, Mannie Fresh and Trina and more just make this production all the more exciting! Here’s a look at Lin-Manuel Miranda, Hamilton creator debuting what was originally  “Hamilton Mix tapes” at the White House.

Seriously, I had no idea Alexander Hamilton was such a complicated and intriguing founding father. I definitely found myself researching him more while I was listening to the music. If you have kids in Civics, love musical theatre, history or just want to expand your palate for the arts, you really ought to listen to the stream. It’s a fresh take on history in a contemporary musical form with a super diverse cast (as in Aaron Burr is played by a Black man).

Personally, I enjoyed every second of it! It’s a perfect starter piece if you always thought Broadway wasn’t for you. As an added bonus, The Roots stepped in to help produce the official soundtrack. I hope you give it a chance. I know it’s always amazing for me to see the mighty path Hip Hop has carved through our culture and how its ethos continues to be a major part of the American narrative.

If you do check it out, let me know your thoughts! Enjoy the music right here!

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