Year of The Crowned: My Brother’s Keeper Durham

In Durham, The My Brother’s Keeper Initiative hosted a community update and feedback session. The update focused on ways in which to close the glaring disparities between boys and men of color as opposed to white boys and men. The community was given a charge by Durham County Manager, Wendell Davis. His words were simple,

Awareness. Responsibility. Institutional Change. These are the only ways to change things for boys and men of color in Durham.

After discussing their findings, milestones and strategies, the committee broke to allow Hillside High School seniors, member’s of Wendell Tabb’s  International Drama Department’s One Voice and youth social activists and performance artists, Year of the Crowned perform an original piece written specifically for My Brother’s Keeper. Check out the TWC News 14 clip below about the event. You can follow Year of the Crowned on Twitter @weareyotc and Instagram @WeAreYOTC . You can also check out the text version of the article by TWC News 14 here.


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