Yeye Oshun

So let me tell you a story. When I was young, I can remember my Mother taking me and my sisters to the Eno River. I often have difficulty remembering my younger life but I remember these times well. We would go to the festivals there and we had a home nearby where a part of the river became a creek and ran behind our house. As I am typing this, my memory is sharpening. I will tell you more about my childhood attachment to the river soon.

Anyway I loved being at the river although I never got in. Time passed, we grew, our family moved away from the area. As I got older, whenever I was upset, I would always seem to drive straight to the river. I would sit in my car until I felt better. And I always felt better after I got there. For years of my life I did this, never knowing why but compelled to drive there. I would move away from NC and back over the years and without fail I would resume this habit (ritual?)


A few weeks ago, someone I deeply respect invited me to fellowship at the river. And for the first time, I got in the water. Almost immediately, I began to cry. Tears just streamed down my face! As I sat there in the water and observed my people, I suddenly knew why I had always been drawn there. Yeye Oshun called me there. Time and time again. To soothe my hurt feelings and to remind me of love and beauty when my heart was at war. I am grateful to finally be in a place where I can begin to understand these things! It is a beautiful thing to reconnect with your culture. To worship as our ancestors did! #Ifa #OmoSango

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