Little ‘i’, Thank You’s and Bae in My Head

I’ve noticed when I look back at the things I’ve written I often have a lowercase ‘i’ as an error. I have tried to be cognizant of it, since I know it’s my common error. Today I saw it again, but something leaped out at me. Generally, when I make this error I am talking about something painful. I think my little ‘i’ is that really raw, painful piece that still feels very small.

I’m not going to keep correcting it because it provides context when it appears. I wont seek to do it and sometimes it may be a typo. But if you’re following my writing, you will know why. Someone I love a lot has encouraged (pushed) me to write more, so I’m trying.

I also appreciate the folks who regularly tell me they like my stuff. You’re bae in my head because the real bae in my head be acting up. Anyway, I appreciate feedback so if you are a regular reader and want to ask me a question or would like me to write about something, let me know. I also know a lot of the people who read regularly are Facebook Stealth Ninjas who look but dont interact. I respect that. But if you’re ever so inclined, know that I appreciate that you followed me over here and that if you ever DO like something, it will be super special. Bae in my head doesn’t like any of my posts either so you’re in good company! But seriously, thank you for being with me from the beginning of this writing thing.

Let’s see where it goes.

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