Throwback Poetry: “Untitled” (2008)

As I walk through my life sometimes vicariously and sometimes precariously I

Refuse to collect the bitterness of my disappointments. I instead elect to pay homage to the adages of old and to taste and retain every experience like second snow caught on the tongue of a child.

People say I m reckless and I say yes I must agree to the degree that I pay no heed to the No and You Cant and the Its impossible pasted upon the doors I decide to open. You see words are only words when rendered powerless by a lack of belief or shall we say faith in their efficacy.

My only faith in words would be faith in the Word and that word, I’ve heard, says that all things are possible if I only believe. I’m due for blessings, less stressing more time to exist in the path that only God created for me and we talk and only I alone can walk that way. By faith I walk and sometimes you see it appears to be vicarious or precarious when in fact it is His mercy that lets me walk in what appears to you to be blindness. His grace is sufficient for me; I don’t need to see the end to walk toward it because I already know that it’s already been written for me. I am a child of the King; I’m headed to His castle.

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