Throwback Poetry: “We, She, Me” (2008)

I should have been born a Gemini because the duality in me, in I,

has me trippin’. Good girl gone bad, bad girl trying to be good, I’m feeling all of that.

Torn between the two and so often I don’t know what to do should I

Allow myself to succumb to my baser nature or should I

deprive and rely on the spiritual and intellectual to get me through it.

I don’t know, tell me what you would do

If you were me, sometimes we, sometimes just she, still all the while constantly rolling all over on the inside battling it out over which me we gonna be.

See the two natures collide and conflict and demand to be heard satisfied or pacified and while one comes up one must reside inside

And I tell ya these bitches aint friendly.

They scratch and claw and bite. Each trying to rise and subude and to each be the queen on the one throne that we, me calls home.

So when you see me and you say to yourself, damn B you seem ‘different’ today, its cause maybe I am.

Maybe today is the day that I cant keep the duality away and I am unable to present you with the consistent continuity you desire. Just be easy know ya girl is on fire

on the inside.

I wish I could divide myself in two and let them all do what they do but if I did then I guess I wouldn’t be we, she…me.

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    Why haven’t I read this before? It’s fabulous. A wee bit bipolar though. More power for the “B” in all of us.

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