PSA To My Own Personal Troll…

Hey…you, yes you. The one who is scrolling through my site looking for something negative to say. Here is a public service announcement just for you.

  1. I love my children. All of them. Including the one who is incarcerated. Maybe you are the type of person to denounce or be ashamed of your children, but that isn’t me. Not only do I support my son, I also understand the systematic oppression that created the environment for his incarceration. Rather than hiding out in the shame you think I should have, I instead have become an advocate for our incarcerated young men and women. I have written extensively about him and will continue to do so. My son is a brilliant, funny and loving young man who made terrible decisions in his life. He is human and he is mine. No amount of shaming from people like you will ever cause me to stop loving him or to feel bad about who he is. I embrace fully that he is mine. To learn more about the mass incarceration of African American youth, you can begin by watching 13th by Ava Duvernay. It’s on Netflix.
  2. You took an article about my rape in High School and tried to shame me with it to someone else thinking you would somehow tarnish me.  Shaming victims of rape and domestic abuse is disgusting and emphasizes the reason why it is so difficult for survivors to tell their stories. I carry no shame about being assaulted. In fact, these instances have helped me to speak out so that I can help others who are ashamed and feel they have no voice. People like you contribute to the prevalence of rape culture and for that, you should be ashamed. In the US every 98 seconds someone is sexually assaulted. It is likely that this has impacted someone you know as well. Rather than spewing such vile, as an educated person you and the people in your life would be better served if you educated yourself about this crippling crisis among women. You are precisely the sort of person that I wrote my article about. Further, you assume that all rapes occur without a condom. Nothing could be further from the truth. Please enlighten yourself about sexual violence and its impacts on victims by visiting

I get it. You’re bitter and angry. You’re aging and lonely. You thought that you would always have a certain someone under the control of your manipulation and lunacy. Sometimes life doesn’t work out the way we would like. But your bitterness, obsession and vitriol are counter productive to your own personal and spiritual development. I can also imagine that some of your stress comes from being a closeted gay woman. I cannot imagine what that is like but I certainly empathize. Personally, I very much enjoy embracing outwardly my sexuality and having the pleasure of having intimate relationships that I can enjoy in public. I wish that all of us could be free. Including you.

However, your own inability to manage your pain is causing you to be a troll and an annoyance. As someone who does have advanced education, I am sure you are aware that many therapy options exist. I strongly encourage you to look into getting yourself some help so that perhaps you can begin to unravel some of your issues. There is no shame in that either. And as irritating as you have made yourself to all involved, I truly do feel very sorry for you. You’ve made a complete fool of yourself in front of so many people at this point that even I am embarrassed for you. If you knew how you looked to others, just maybe you would stop. Remember, the ditch you dig for others is often the one you fall in. It’s my hope that you will find the strength to do something better with your time to improve yourself and your mental health.

I do encourage you to continue reading my work. I always appreciate fans, even confused and jealous ones. Maybe I will write something that will help you move from that sunken place. I’d be happy to share with you other places that my work has been published so you can continue reading. You can also look me up on IMDb for my acting credits. There is a wealth of reading material, movies and video available. Contrary to who you wish I was, I am a well adjusted, professional woman who has accomplished much, in spite of tremendous difficulties. I am a published writer, a stage, television and film actress and a public speaker. I have receipts. And thats not even my day job.

Your efforts to harass others make you look sad, desperate and very broken. Get some help because this is not a good look, sis. You have children who desperately need you to be at your best. Your time would be far better spent loving on your daughters, rather than spending HOURS all day and all night texting whoever you can reach multiple paragraphs about me that vary in their crazy randomness. You sure have a lot of time on your hands!

Oh there’s one more thing…I can get down and dirty with the best of them. With you, I am really trying because I understand that your mind is ill and you are consumed with jealousy at the moment. But my patience does have an end.

Tread carefully, my dear.


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