In the Woods

The darkness in our souls called out to one another. When we met, the pull was undeniable. In our mutual fugue states, we were both bumping through the night. Trying to figure our way out of the dark, grasping for anything that could get us from the hellish here to anywhere else. The little lights we had left,  we shined for one another, dim though and no where near powerful enough to see clearly.

We stepped together into the woods. We sought out the places where wounded animals went to either heal or die. We walked cautiously at first. Feeling one another out, feeling the comfort of places unexplored. Eventually, the woods became our haven. We always chose the path unexplored. In the woods, we shed our masks and became free. We plunged deeper into the forest. We challenged ourselves to walk over broken tress leaning precariously over murky waters. We laid in the grass and weeds. We walked through tunnels of vine and twisted roots in the dark to prove that we could. We didn’t know what we were doing, we only knew the compulsion to continue walking in the woods.

But we got distracted. We returned to the world and immediately got lost again. We used the hurt that we were beginning to banish from our lives to hurt one another. We forgot the moments out in the woods. We parted ways in waves of hatefulness. But the universe has a way of correcting our detours. Today, it is the light in our souls that calls out and for that, I am grateful. I will never forget those times, out in the woods.

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